Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Day He Killed Himself

It is still in my memory of lipis. It has been there all this while, I think because of the impact it had on myself.

This had happened more than 40 years ago. For the younger generation, you may may not able to imagine and grasp the situation. Lipis then, was unlike what it is today. The narrow windy road from Kuala Lumpur ended here. There was no road built yet to padang tengku, non to kelantan. The clifford school was still using the old preindepedant buildings except for the hostel. I cannot remember for sure, in what year I was in, but I remember it as my early years in Lipis.

It was early in the morning, probably around 7. The whole hostel, was in commotion, and people were shouting........ ada orang mati..........ada orang mati. We were panic. Fearing the worst, that one of the students may pass away. Voices were asking.........where?...Where is it.

One of the students was pointing to a figure hanging from a branch. He was calmly hanging there with a stool fallen next to his feet. The feet was only barely about a foot from the ground. A few minutes later the police arrived. The crowd gathered around. We were still wondering who he was and why he had chosen such a fate. From the appearance, he was chinese, in his middle age. No immediate family appeared.

To be continued


  1. may i know the rest of the story please? Thank you..

  2. thanks kumar, I dont really know the full story, we were young student, barely form 1 or 2. I still remember it as it was dramatic for young soul.

    it was in 1966 or 1967.