Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Second Trip To Mela

This is Shahrom, probably a Dato' now. He is an MP,... no.... not military police, member of parliament, for one of the constituency in Malaysia. He seem to be doing well, I hope he played his role well and serve the rightful purposes. O have to stress the word rightful, as it is a common practice here that the people in position, will serve those who can safeguard his position.

We were in the same school, by any measure, Sharom is not an example of those who are good in his study. I thought he is more rounded, ... not his face, even he is now. But come to think of it, not exactly, a mediocre in study, at the bottom in sport.... I am thinking of what did he excel on. His friend Main.... the name means playing, did better in game. Another, Mokhtar was better in study.

Sharom is the present Member of Parliament for Kuala Lipis.

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