Monday, February 22, 2010

Pahang Club in Kuala Lipis

Pahang club is among the earliest surviving building left by the British occupancy of Pahang. It is located in Kuala Lipis, sharing the same hill as the hospital, overlooking the Lipis river and the Clifford School. It is considered one of Pahang historical heritage, originally built in the late 1800, as the official house of Hugh Clifford. Clifford was then The Superintendant of Ulu Pahang.

As the British managed to tighten his influence on Pahang, forcing the sultan to accept an advisor, the position of Clifford was upgraded to resident. The Sultan was then nothing more but a puppet, as he had to follow whatever "advice" made by the British. As a new resident, Clifford was looking for a more suitable residence, fitting his position as the British Resident of Pahang. So he manage the get a higher hill to build his new home, a few miles from  Pahang Club. Since then, the hill was rename as  'Resident Hill'.

Kuala Lipis became the new capital of Pahang, replacing Pekan and Pekan remain as the royal town. The Pahang Club was then became the official home of Inspector of Police. As the state capital, the British had more then 100 policemen, from various locations, including India. They were said to take care of the peace of the state, but more like they were to safeguard the ruling of the British Pahang.

In 1926, the house was vacated and became the club for British Official and High Ranking Personals. Its membership was opened to British and Royal family. That time, the Pahang Club as at its peak, became the meeting place of the rich and famous. After Malayan independent in 1957, the state capital was shifted to Kuantan. With the dwindling membership, it was opened to the public, irrespective of their origin or social standings.

Although the grandeur of the past, not all had disappeared, the club retains a handful of loyal members who spent their evenings away in the bar, telling stories of the good old days. It is now become more of recreational club. There is a tennis court in front, a badminton court and snooker room.Outsiders are welcome for drinks or dinner at the bar. The happy hour  is from 6pm - 8pm. They will enjoy together sharing jokes and great stories about the past in this quiet town of Kuala Lipis.

Pahang Club is among the tourist attraction of Pahang.

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