Saturday, February 20, 2010

My First Trip To Mela

This is taken from my long term memories, probably comparable to that of the hard disk of your PC. I just completed std 6, and there was that long term holiday at the end of the year. Those days, every student was looking forward to to go to the 2 selected boarding school, for girls, the Tun Fatimah and for boys, the STAR. I was not the lucky few, only faridah and norwin were selected to sit for the exam.

I still remeber the head teacher, cik gu zakaria. He really work very hard for the school. I tthink his focus was on the academic achievement. About 4 of us attended the supplementary courses, although we knew that only 2 will sit for the exam. Now looking back, I think it was a smart strategy, who knows if one us the 2 were to be ill, at least the reserve are ready.

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So a group of us decided to visit our class teacher, cik gu hassan in mela. I cannot remember for sure how were in the group, but I think, faridah, rohani zainal, norwin, mat ali and johari. We went by train from padang tunku, through lipis. I think we stayed for 2 nights. It was a real experient, first time going out with a group of friends.

What struct me, is the freedom given to us by our parents. But those days, there was no danger like today, you rarely hear someone was killed. If you you to read the paper now, everyday there are people get murdered.

I think cik gu hassan had passes away, I am not sure the wife , cik gu azizah and the beautiful daughter with straight hair.

I remembered arriving at Mela, then we had to walk towards Kuala Lipis, following the railway track, I think it was about a kilometer walk. Then we reached the house on the right, first we passed trough his mother in law's. It was an average wooden house, nothing grand with the traditional Malay architecture.

That night, the girls slept in the room and we the boys were at the guest's room. I cannot forget, mat ali was teasing the girls, then to our surprise, he climbed on the table trying to peep at the girls. Unfortunate he felt and hurt his elbow. The noise got the teacher rushing up, and luckily the girls were also on our side to to cover the embarassement.

I cannot remember anything about my return trip to Kuala Lipis. Probably the virus had spoiled that sector of memories.

good night.

Good night.

rohani zainal - daughter of a policeman, living in the end block, next to the school blog.
faridah mat natar- cousin of norwin, her father was interested in politic. .... remember him saying... ' yang itu tak ada dalam dasar kerajaan kita sekarang".
mat ali - his father was originated from sumatera, spent his weekend selling apam balik, I remember the bid one was 30 cents... now rm2,00.
few more whom I had forgotten the names.

My next trip was many years later, when I was in Clifford. Shahrom organised a trip for a football competition. Shahrom is now and MP for Lipis.... Dato' Dr Shahrom.

Trip to che gu hassan, I think he had passed away.

To be built......

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