Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Smk Clifford School

SMK Clifford, or Sekolah Menengah Clifford, is situated in Kuala Lipis, Malaysia. As Kuala Lipis was the former British capital of Pahang, the school was the first to be setup in Pahang. If you are visiting Kuala Lipis for the first time, you may like to visit The Clifford School and see the British architecture.  However, the access is limited, as like any school in  Malaysia, it is fenced and the gate is closed after office hour. During office hour, you may visit the school.

The school is strategically located, situated on the bank of a river  in Kuala Lipis. From the school, you can catch the view of Pahang Club, across the field  and the District Administrative building on the adjacent hill.

 If you are driving towards Kuala Lipis, the school will be on your right, across a large field, about 1 km from the town center.  It seem to be an ordinary school, but it is replete with histories. Being the first English school in Pahang, it became a place to educate some of the elites. It is also recognized as an historical building inherited from the British in early 1900.

During the Japanese occupation in 1940, Kuala Lipis became the center of administration for Japanese in Pahang. Then the school was turned into a military head quarters and the classrooms became a place or torture and execution.

Fact Sheets about the SMK Clifford:

  • SMK Clifford is one of the premier school in Malaysia, the buildings and set up was a heritage left by the British. 
  • Two of the existing block, the oldest portion of the school is pronounced as the listed as historical building by the Museum and Antiquity Department of Malaysia.
  • SMK Clifford was upgraded to Special School in 1966, with students intake for year 4 to year 6.
  • From 2006, it was considered as smart school.

The school started as an English School, using the British curriculum. The students set for O level and A level. In late 1960s, the lower secondary school was given to be be managed by another school. With the change of Malaysian School Curriculum, the Clifford School is a fully in Malaysian Language.


  1. hello, my name is johanan puthucheary,my late father george puthucheary was a headmaster of the school from 1969 to 1971.I had abrief time at the pictureque schoolfrom for a year only in 1971.her were only 2 classes for form 1 that year.I recallthe great floods of that year.I remember they had marked the highest water level mark on the side of the building as you entered the school.Most of alli recall the beautiful hills and the crazy things we did as kids.empang jaleh,the railway station, cross street, Batu kurap ,the jelai and lipis rivers.There were so many good memories.Thank you Joha for your efffort in getting this blog. going.Regards:johanan puthucheary

  2. Thank You for your comment. It surely a memorable time, full with beautiful memories. I miss the great flood, I had left the school.

  3. Sdr joha. My name is Zainudin samsudin class of 1964. Hope to be able to meet up with some old friends....can contact me at izaaz47@yahoo.com

  4. Hi Sir,

    Have you been registered as an alumni of SMK Clifford? This year we will celebrating centennial of Clifford School.

  5. hmm love this old school of mine great memories was there from 1974 till 1978 i was born in malacca but studying in kuala lipis sek.men clifford is the best year of my life.Still remeber when we celebrate the diamond jubely(forgive me for spelling mistake)

  6. My name is Johaniff Abdul Hadi I'm from the class 5ES from 1994-1995, I still missing some of my class mate, especially Hafzanizam Mokhtar. I hope there is away I can meet them.