Monday, February 7, 2011

The Aborigines in Pantos

The aborigines of Pahang have a lot of knowledge about the local flora and fauna that can be shared with the visiting tourists. In fact the opening of the new road from Cameroon Highland to Kuala Lipis makes the visit of the aboriginals' settlement easier.

The Semai People shows how to make a mat from Pandan leaves.

Visiting and getting involve in their daily activities. is one of the memorable experience. The village of Pantos in Hulu Jelai is one of the popular site for the tourists.

The population at Pantos are the ethnic of Semai Pantos. The traditional daily activities include the hunting and gathering of jungle products. The jungle products such as the fruits, honey and rattan are for their own consumption as well as to be sold to generate the cash income.

Things To See

a. Ethnic Craftmen. The craft men create a unique baskets for personal use and some would be sold to the traders in Kuala Medang as well as the Koyan market.

b.Wood curving and the making of mats from the pandan leaves.

Things To Do

a. Taste the unique cooking style using nothing more than the bamboo trees.

Rice, fishes and meat are cooked in bamboo. This skills is slowly being forgotten as the new generation are more comfortable with the modern facilities of electricity and gases for cooking.

b. Jungle tracking under the guidance of the aborigines.They know the jungle like the back of their hands. See their unique knowledge about the trees ans scrubs.

c. The Sawang Dance. Dancing to the early morning using the traditional bamboo to create the melody.

The Pantos settlement is populated by about 200 people from 25 family. It has a small village school and majority had embraced Islam. They are in transition, and the next generation will tend to live a modern life.

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  1. Hello, may I know where is the exact location of this aborigine village ? I would like to visit there. Thank you