Friday, April 2, 2010

kuala lipis the changing faces

The walk way connecting the main street and Jelai Street is now covered. As the path down down hill towards the river, it is covered with steps, the path is commonly known as 'tangga batu' by the local.

 Looking from Jelai Street kuala Lipis towards the river, Jelai River. What use to be the spot of the raft houses is now filled up with land-filling.

 From jelai street looking downstream, you can see the new bridge connecting the old town to the new town. The road connects Kuala Lipis to Kota Baru Kelantan.

 Kuala Lipis new bus stop at the new town center. Notice the absence of the crowd. It is difficult the understand the logic behind the decision, of shifting the bus terminal and the market.  I could imagine the sheer ignorant of the basic economic of simple demand and supplies. Now if you go to the old town, some of the shops have to close down.

The new wet market. At the new town center.

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