Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kuala Lipis Gua Bama

above is the satellite picture of Bama Caves, covered with green trees.
One one the place to visit in Kuala Lipis is Gua Bama, (Bama Cave) . It is lime stone cave situated in Kampong Relong, about 20 minutes of leisure drive from Kuala Lipis. You can scale to the top, and the scaling will take about an hour. So reserve about 3 hours for the adventure to the top of the cave.

You can venture the caves also, the stream that runs in it, the water is so crystal clear. The dark part of the caves are replete with various kind of bats. They had been there for thousands of years, and the droppings are used for fertilizer.

View of Gua Bama from the Road Kuala Lipis- Padang Tengku

You can see two structure of the lime stone, the bigger one can be climbed by  amateures. The smaller is steep and made of bare stone.


  1. Assalamu'alaikum,

    Saya pernah menjadi warga Lepih dari 1971 ~ 1979. Nostalgia sekali. Sungai Telang, Sungai Jelai, Padang Tengku, Bukit Betong dan lain-lain lagi.

    Terima kasih.

  2. Thanks En Idris, 1971 is a long time ago, but surprisingly the good memories still lingers on.

  3. Gua Bama terletak didaerah Kuala Lipis,cantik menarik pe-
    mandangan,hijau alam sekitar,menjadi kebanggaan penduduk
    kg,relong,itulah ciptaan Allah

    Sama-samalah kita taati perintahNYA,

    Sekian terima kasih,

    mohamed bin mat
    (Mohamed,M,Z).Desa Perian.
    Batu 10,Jalan Pd,Tengku.