Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trekking the Tropical Jungle in Kuala Lipis

(Picture From Frim-- Giant Canopies)

If you are living with the daily hassle of the big city living, in continuous fight for time and speed, you may like to give it a break. Unwind yourself, and revert to the natural living. How would you like to live for a few days without tv and newspapers??.

When I told my children that my parents did not have the TV and newspaper and electricity in kuala lipis in 1960s. The they are amazed, how could people survive with tv and computers. Then I told them, tv is only recent toys, only in 1970s we had that and computers only in 1980. For thousands of years civilization rises and falls without them.

If you like to try the activities close to nature, then you can try the national park. A night or two, will expose you to how the native leave. Then you will say, how can we live with all the insets and leeches. People will be surprise, the primary and thick jungle do not have too much of those. Only the secondary jungle will have alot.

If you walk through a deep jungle, the ground actually not to thick with wood and trees. The big trees have form a big umbrella, a high canopy that shield the sunlight.  So it is rather clear.

You can feel the cool temperature, of course it is humid. And it get dark very fast. Walking through it a life experience, it will simulate your senses, your hearing will be free from the decibels of the cars and buses. The calls of the birds and monkeys will be the alarm clock to wake you in the morning.

If you try the hiking in camping in the jungle, a real camping without the alloted camp site, it can only be tried with the experienced local. Selected the site is a task in itself. You got to think of the wild animal, some of them are dangerous. What if it rains or strong wind. Normally we would have the fire burning through the night. The animals are scared of fire, it keep us warm and keep the insets away. Of course the smoke will make you cloth smell, but after some hours, everybody will be sweating and smell the same. So no body complaint about body odor, as our nasal automatically readjust itself.

One of the thing to take care is ... do not get lost in the jungle. You will be surprise, that the track will look about the same. The trees will appear similar. Take care it providing tracking path. A string tied to a branch will be good. Leaving a mark on the trees will help. If you get lost, prepare for the camping. If you do not have any tent, then leave waving will save you from the heavy thunder.But you have to know what type of leave to gather and how to make it to withstand the heavy rain.

Frankly I miss the jungle walk in jungle tracking, especially the night hunting. I hope the can still remember the dos and dont for night trekking in th thick jungle.

Kuala Lipis is lucky as it still have those jungle although I dont think it will remain there for long. The big commercial companies as trying to establish their present.

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