Monday, August 16, 2010

Kuala Lipis The Historical Town

Kuala Lipis, the former capital of Pahang, is situated at the congruence of two rivers, Jelai River and Lipis River. It is the historical town of Pahang, with a number of heritage left by the ruling British in the late 1800. It is also a green sanctuary, faraway from the development of the west coast. Here, you are still able to walk under the shade of virgin jungle, untouched by human since the eternity. The water flowing in the rivers and streams are still pristine clear.

The status of Kuala Lipis as a historical town was accorded and maintained by the good efforts by the local Authority. As you stroll through the town, you are walking through the memory lane, it has held its own secret and stories. It was the administrative center of the Malay federated stated, thanks to the rich deposits of mineral around the region.

Most of the historical buildings left, are still in good condition and used today . Of course little modification and improvements were made, the opened big windows were replaced by glass. The long hanging ceiling fans were removed, and aircondition were installed. The Resident Hill Rest House, 1922, Clifford School (1913), Pahang Club (1907) and State's Secretary House (1920). are still in good shape. The other buildings are the nursing home, beside the hospital, the hospital, next to the Hindu temple and the post office, located right in the city center.

The swinging railway crossing is no longer there, it was remove and replaced by overhead crossing. There used to be a cinema, the only cinema next to the swinging crossing. The cinema had been closed due to poor business, a direct effect of technology advancement in CD and DVDs.

According to the Member of Parliament from Lipis, the development of Kuala Lipis has been closely linked to the development of tourist destination in the nearby areas. The attractions include Kenong Jungle Park, Merapoh. Kuala Terenggun, Kemahang Jungle Park, Kuala Medang Homestay and a number of other destination. According to him, a day tour will most suited to Lipis as there is alot of British Heritage, and after the tour, the visitor can proceed to another tourist destination in Kelantan adn Trengganu.

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  1. salam tuan,
    good blog...mari sama2 naikkan nama lipis di alam cyber..:)

  2. We, 2 brothers and one sister were born there in Kuala lipis hospital from 1949 to 1955.

    Our father Mr.Subbier was a priest in the Hindu temple near the hospital, for a long time from 40s through to 60s.

    We were living in a wooden house of the temple. There were steps down from the mainroad to the temple, besides a passage from our house. We returned to India in 1958, but my father continued till 1969.

    I am not able to locate any of these in the maps. Can anyone tell me whether the temple is still in existence/provide more details?

    God willing I/we would like to see our place of bith and areas frequested by my parents who are no more.

    Mani (

  3. The temple is still there. Across the Lipis Road. The Google map has wrongly named is as jalan utama kecau (which is across the river jelai). The local name for temple is kuil, you can see at google map.please see at..,102.054126&spn=0.003301,0.005869&z=18&msid=107331609865435149522.000492c9ffe97b89138e8