Sunday, February 13, 2011

sungai ular Lipis

The Tepuai Dam (empang) is the spot for weekend fishing

If you were to drive to Kelantan through the alternate road through Raub and Felda Koyan, you will pass through a felda-like settlement of Kampong Sungai Ular, Lipis.

Driving through it, you may notice that the road suddenly make a 90 degrees turn. It was not meant to be that way, it was suppose to go straight to Kampong Lubuk Kulit which is only about 3 km away. But the project, was suspended for unknown reason, may be the MP from that area knows the reason.

The settlement is part of the RPT (rancangan tanah pemuda), or land development scheme for the youth. It was part of the program developed by Tun Razak, and none of the Prime Minister after him can match his contribution to the peoples' development. I remember the time when the opening for the land were made, many of the youth were reluctant, and now they regret.

A small river, Sungai Ular, flows through the village, and it join the bigger river of Sungai Tepuai at a dam at Kampong Tepuai. This a good location for weekend fishing. However it is an uncontrolled activities, and free for all.

In the early days, Kampong Sungai Ular was part of kampong keledek. Within Kampong Keledek, you have not less than 7 sub kampong, now the names are not so popular as the road transport has improved. In the old days, walking through the village took hours, thus making it necessary to sub divide it.

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