Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dirt Bike Track - a day in history

A scene at Kuala Lipis, Dirt Bikes Competition, at Tasik Burung Mandi, 45 km from Kuala Lipis.

Taman Tasik Burung Mandi

Taman Tasik Burung Mandi was the center of attraction for the dirt bikes enthusiasts both from Malaysia as well as the international teams. It is situated about 45 km from Kuala Lipis.
The circuit is located in the 200 acre recreational park consisting of 4 man made lakes from the old mining works. The surrounding jungle is full of tropical flora and fauna. As suited to its name, you can find hundreds of species of wild birds for those interested in bird watching.

This was the pride of the local population,where the folks worked voluntarily to help the making of the events. For unknown reason, the competition stopped and the track and all the facilities left abandoned. It is now become one of the histories of Kuala Lipis.

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