Friday, March 26, 2010

Kuala Lipis Paradise, the new cinema

Kuala Lipis is a town in Malaysia. In 1960s and 70s, it was at the end of the road, because at that time the road to Kelantan was not built yet. So the town was very quiet. The only mean of entertainment was the cinema.... The Paradise.

The first cinema was built at Jelai Street. I remember watching the first movie, with my untie, it was arabic movie. I think it is about Saladin... or Salahuddin, the Muslim warrior that recapture Baitul Mukkadis. Then it moved to its bigger and better location, the purpose built cinema, across the railway gate crossing.

When I was school at Clifford, Sunday was the free day, that mean we can go out but we must wear the school uniform. So you can see rows of students walking towards the cinema. There was the cheap show in those days. I think it was called cheap matinee... it cost less than 1 ringgit. As we did not have much money, so we target those sessions.

Another habit that may surprise you... in those days, nobody knows how to line up and take turn. When the tickets booth was opened, people will rush and pushed and fight their way to buy the tickets. Some end up with bruises and thorn shirt. They take pride and telling friends how clever and strong the were, able to push other people for the tickets.


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