Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kuala Lipis in History

In 1800, the main market for Kuala Lipis was in Penjum, current about 10 km from Kuala Lipis, and at that time connect by Lipis River. When Frank Swettenham went to visit Kuala Lipis, he made a quick market survey, this is what he wrote... among the goods sold at Penjum were kerosene prized RM1 per barrel, tobacco at RM1 per katti, ( a katti is about 600 grams), rice was about RM1 per 20 kg. The shop owner has to pay the Sultan's representative RM50 per month.

In 1887, Clifford, representing the British Governor in Malaya went to Visit  Kuala Lipis. There was no road as it is today. Today, the trip from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Lipis by car is about three hours. To reach Kuala Lipis, this was what Clifford had to go through:

1. From Kuala Lumpur, he had to travel by horses, to Kuala Kubu, through the jungle track. It took three days to reach Kuala Kubu, now one hour by car.

2. The next segment was from Kuala Kubu to Tanjung Malim, then to Hulu Slim.

3. Then By elephants to cross the mountain to Permatang Linggi.

4. From Permatang Linggi, a week ride on bamboo raft to Penjom.

It took about 2 weeks.

Penjom, in Kuala Lipis was already well known from its mining industry. There were already a number of mining companies, both operated by the Europeans and the chinese. The competition was tough, and the Chinese were not happy and complaints that the English was taking over the mines by force.

When the British imposed his rule by bribing the Sultan, the British System was imposed on the state. In 1889, a number of administrators were appointed to collect the taxes and set up the Legal Court.  The system was supported by brute military forces, mainly manned by local recruits as well as the Sikh from India.

Now Penjom has reopen its gold mine and an international mining company from UK is doing the job on the open cast mine.

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