Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kuala Lipis Welcome Prime Minister

Kuala Lipis was proud to welcome home, the prime minister of Malaysia.
Najib visited the house of his birth place. His father was the state secretary of Pahang stationed in Kuala Lipis in 1950s.
The prime minister of Malaysia made a official visit to his birth place in Kuala Lipis. The birth place will be converted to a museum, to ensure that the building will be preserved.

The District Council, Abu Jamal Nordin quoted that nearly RM1 millions was spent to preserve the house since 13 Nov 2007 and the project was completed in 12 Mei 2008.

However a further RM640,00 will be required to equip the museum and once opened, it is hoped that it will be a tourist attraction.   This is in line with the plan to make kuala lipis a historic destination. This was delivered by  Jamal in his welcoming speech to receive the PM.
NOSTALGIA ... Najib waving to the photographer on his tour to his birth place -- fotoBERNAMA
Kuala Lipis is rich with the heritage from the British Past, it was the capital of Pahang, under the British Colony before it was moved to Kuantan in 1953.

Among the historical building left are the Residence House, Pahang Club and Clifford School.

The 2 storey bungalow was the official residence of Pahang state secretary in 1950's

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