Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kuala Lipis - Center of Jungle Train

Kuala Lipis is situated at the center of Peninsular Malaysia, Malaya and it is also the center of jungle train. The train is the heritage of the British past, quite useful to transport the products from Kelantan,Pahang and all the areas along the track to Singapore at the tip.

The train inching its path from Jeruntut to Kuala Lipis.

Take note of the typical scenery, the secondary jungle, the traditional villages, the planted crops like banana. The last station, Batu Sembilan, is nine miles from Kuala Lipis.

Entrance to Kuala Lipis railway station

Inside the station. People are waiting for the train on the platform
The station signage, Kerambit is on the South on the way to Singapore    
The pictures are constant reminder of the train and its glorious past

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