Tuesday, September 21, 2010

kuala medang rafting

Kuala medang is situated deep in the north west of the state of Pahang in Malaysia. It is unspoiled village on the river of Jelai on the edge of a virgin jungle.
The name medang came from the name of a type of tree found in abundant on the bank of the river. In the 1970s, Kuala Medang was remote, accessible only by boat from Bukit Betong. Now a road was built connecting it to Raub, Kuala Lipis and Cameron Highland. I still remember the four hour boat ride from Bukit Betong.

One of the activities of the villagers is to provide house-stay facilities to incoming tourist. This is a joint effort, between the individual who provide the home-stray facilities and village committee. As such, they can arrange for group activities.

One of the favorite activities for the tourist is rafting. It can be a dangerous thing, as the water is quite fast. During the rainy session, this activities stop.

Kuala medang is also famous for the tropical fruit called salak.



One of the man from kuala medang managed to create a new clone of the salak that are tastier. He did this by mixing the genes from the clone from Indonesia and a local variety.

The new clone produces bigger fruits, tastier and produced a sweet fragrance.

A modern bridge had been constructed across Jelai river. Currently there is no road yet. However it had opened up way for the villagers to cross the river.

The Village is known for the tradition fruits. These are the Malaysian original fruits that had existed before the flood of foreign variety. You can have the durian, langsat and kundang.

River Fishing
Fishing is the traditional past time of the villagers. It is connected to the days when Kuala Medang was an isolated distant village. They have to be self sufficient and rely little on the goods from outside the village.

You can ask the local, I would prefer to fish from the bank, rather than from a boat. The boats do not have the safety features, there is no life jackets. Even if you are a good swimmer, the river can be dangerous.

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