Saturday, February 19, 2011

kuala lipis locomotive

Kuala Lipis was synonymous to the railway. Coincidentally one of the locomotive engine was named Kuala Lipis, an honor of the town in Pahang.

The video shows locomotive Kuala Lipis in Gemas, a small town in Negeri Sembilan. The town is the point where the rail lines from Singapore branch off, one to Kuala Lumpur and the other to Kuala Lipis and Kelantan.

I wish KTM, the operator of the railway system in Malaysia, take care of the locomotive. I am sure they can do better. Remove the rust and paint it. It seem that it was left to rot.

However Kuala Lipis still able to show off its power. It has many coaches to pull.

The railway did a good job, in the days with limited roads, it connected the different towns and bright the power of the central government to the remote parts of Malaya. It was the lifeline of communication and transportation.

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